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Join hundreds of other healthcare professionals who have overcome the boring, tedious and cumbersome process of getting your Continuing Education with ClickPlayCEU’s entertaining video courses that help you get certified FAST and have FUN doing it.

Continuing Education Credits certified for RN's, CNA's, LVN's, Psych Techs and More!

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  • “The videos are so useful and creative and a great price!”

    Christy H.
  • “As CEO of a home care agency, I appreciate being able to get my CEU’s done during the off hours of my very busy work schedule. It’s also a great resource for our home care staff who need to have easy, affordable access to good training for their continuing education.”

    Joanne M.
  • Loved the videos because it makes the learning process fun, entertaining and easy to follow.

    Eva J.
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HIPAA Matters

HIPAA Matters

10 Lessons $9.00

Learn now all about the important topic of HIPAA legislation. Ignorance about this subject can be costly and detrimental to you and/or your organization.

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Hand Hygiene: Life and Death is in Your Hands

11 Lessons $9.00

It’s all about the hands. If you don’t wash your hands properly you can kill someone! Is that too blunt? We work with human beings, right. The whole point of our work is to help people live longer- not kill them. Killing people is actually the exact opposite of what we are supposed to do. Clean hands are the single most important factor in preventing the spread of pathogens and bad icky germs. We just said icky didn’t we?

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