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Trauma-Informed Care

Emotional and psychological trauma doesn't discriminate. Trauma is so common and pervasive in our society that we must all have an approach to care that is informed and rooted in the principles and tenets of Trauma-Informed Care. Start learning now how to implement Trauma-Informed Care.


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Mastering Effective Communication

Communication is difficult. However, the lives of those we serve depend on us being optimal communicators. According to the Joint Commission, communication has been cited as a root cause in nearly 70% of errors in healthcare and human services settings. Learn now about mastering effective communication.

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Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue can be detrimental to anyone who provides care to others. Learning to cope and manage Compassion Fatigue is essential for your well-being and those around you.


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Donn Kropp founded ClickPlayCEU out of a desire to bring others to greater levels of health and wellness. With over ten years of experience in a variety of healthcare and human services settings, Donn brings a seasoned, yet fresh approach to continuing education. Donn holds a BSN from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and a Masters in Healthcare Leadership from the University of California, Davis.

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